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27 Aug 2012 

Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals – Thursday August 30, 2012 11:00PM EST

The sportsbook experts do not see any kind of relief for the Arizona Cardinals and its fans.
When quarterback Kevin Kolb is able to play, he looks like the starting quarterback the team was hoping he would be. But Kolb's penchant for getting injured on a regular basis has caused the Cardinals to look seriously at John
Skelton as the team's starter. In the first three preseason games, it did not look like one quarterback separated himself from the other. There are rumors that Kolb will be the starter, and there are rumors that Skelton will be the
starter. Unfortunately, none of the starters will play in this game. So the questions continue.

The Denver Broncos have absolutely no question who will be playing quarterback when the season opens in a week and a half. Even the online horse betting experts know that Peyton Manning will be the starter when the season kicks off, but it is the backup quarterback role that has not be completely decided. The Broncos have three more quarterbacks on its roster, including veteran backup Caleb Hanie, who have all shown the ability to be the number two quarterback behind Peyton Manning. All three will get a look this game, and the questions continue.


Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals actually have a strong looking defense and a decent running game. It is a stretch to say that all the team needs to be a playoff contender is a quarterback, but it certainly would not hurt. The online casino players are all putting their money on Skelton to get the starting job, which would mean that
Kolb would start this final preseason game. Once the fans get a chance to see who will be the number one quarterback, then all of the other speculation can begin. Most people expect Skelton to be the starter, but Kolb has made a strong case in the past couple of games.


Denver Broncos

The only thing that makes Broncos fans nervous is the team's running game. Running back Knowshon Moreno has not even come close to living up to expectations, and he will be the starter when the season opens. Along side
of Moreno is veteran running back Willis McGahee. A bet online review of Peyton Manning's career shows that he relies on a strong running game to win. The Broncos may use this game to see the team has the parts
necessary for that running game.


The Bottom Line


The Arizona Cardinals do not look like a playoff team regardless as to who is under center. But the team does want to choose the quarterback that gives in the best chance to win. Fans will be watching to see who starts
this game because that will indicate who got the number one job. As for the Broncos, it needs to find a running game or this could be a long season.


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Pick: Denver Broncos

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20 Aug 2012 

New England Patriots
@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Friday August 24, 2012 7:30PM EST


Sport betting experts never expect New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick
to reveal his regular season offensive game plan in the preseason. Even though
the Patriots have used the same offensive scheme to perfection for the past
several seasons, Belichick still likes to keep it under wraps until the real
season kicks off. But Patriots' fans can expect to see a lot of different looks
on defense as the team uses the third preseason game to start piecing together
its new defense. The Patriots do not have the opportunity in practice to see
everything they need to see to make decisions on starters. That is why this
game will be a defensive experiment for New England.

The football betting fans in Tampa Bay are still excitedabout the upcoming 2012 season, even though the team has not yet been able to get it together in the preseason. It is expecting a lot to bring together
players from other teams and expect everyone to instantly adjust to new coaches
and new playbooks. While it can look like chaos on the field to the fans, the
Buccaneers have made huge strides in just its first two preseason games. One of
the things that fans can expect to see the Bucs work on in this game is
offensive line play and making sure that the running backs will be able to carry
the load until the injured Legarrette Blount returns in the regular season.

New England Patriots

The sportsbook software expected the Patriots' pass rush to fall apart when the team
allowed pass rush specialist Mark Anderson to sign with the Buffalo Bills. But
the Patriots had so much new talent coming into camp that it may not have had
room for Anderson anyways. The move has proven to be a good one as competition along the
defensive line is brisk and the Patriots have not had this good of a pass rush
in years. New England still needs to find some stability in the defensive secondary, but the pieces are definitely there for Bill Belichick to put together.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Tampa fans should not get too excited when they see the Tampa defense shut
down the New England offense. A review of the Patriots over the past several years shows that the Patriots never use its regular season offense in the preseason. But the fans should get excited when they watch the Tampa offense rolling over the New England defense. This should be the game where the Buccaneers' offense starts the very beginning phases of coming together as a cohesive unit.

The Bottom Line


The new Buccaneers' offense has more talent than the new Patriots' defense. In this preseason game, that will be the difference that will push the game to the favor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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13 Aug 2012 

Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos – Saturday August 18, 2012 9:00PM EST


When the Seattle Seahawks spent a small fortune to bring quarterback Matt Flynn over from the Green Bay Packers, everyone expected Seattle head coach Pete Carroll to hand Flynn the starting quarterback job and
get on with business. But the betting experts know that Carroll is not nearly that decisive and so a quarterback
battle ensued. The guy that was expected to be the starter last year, Tavaris Jackson, is being pitted against Flynn to see who will get the starting job. Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Carroll still believes that Jackson can do the job. Tavaris Jackson may be able to perform in the preseason, but his regular season
antics have left something to be desired.

The Denver Broncos do not have a quarterback controversy. The football betting world knows that Peyton Manning will be the starting quarterback in Denver and everyone, including backup Caleb Haney, likes it that way. There are really not many questions to answer with the Broncos' starting lineup, so these preseason games become essential for filling in the depth chart. But that is still not going to help the Seattle Seahawks in this game.


Seattle Seahawks


The fans in Seattle are starting to see why Pete Carroll could not find much success as an NFL coach in his past tenures in the NFL. Carroll is indecisive and is more interested in being fair to his players than in building a winning team. About the only Pete Carroll decision that the bookmaker betting software agrees with is signing running back Marshawn Lynch to a long-term deal.


The longer that Carroll allows this quarterback issue to go on, the worse it will be for Seattle. Flynn and Jackson are two completely different quarterbacks and the longer it goes without one of them being the starter, the less time the team has to work on a playbook that suits the starting quarterback.


Denver Broncos


A preseason game does not normally mean a lot, but the betonline reviews coming out of the Broncos' preseason week one 31-3 win over the Chicago Bears are pretty impressive. Peyton Manning has not taken a snap from
center in over a year and it showed in that game against the Bears. But Manning and the Denver offense have plenty of time to work out the kinks before opening day. Suffice to say that the depth of the Denver Broncos will be something that the Seattle Seahawks will have problems contending with.


The Bottom Line


The Denver Broncos are not ready for the regular season yet, but it is in better shape than the Seattle Seahawks. The hope is that Pete Carroll will name a starter prior to week three of the preseason so the team
can start developing an offense around its quarterback. But in this game, none of that is really going to matter.


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Pick: Denver Broncos

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06 Aug 2012 

Thursday August 9, 2012 – Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

This game is a preseason game, so the first-string players will only be on the field for maybe the first quarter. But the Washington Redskins could not ask for a better first test for its rookie quarterback than the revamped defense of the Buffalo Bills. On the other hand, the Bills could not ask for a better test of its newly revamped defense than rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. The NFL betting experts concede that the Redskins do not have much of a running game, but that will probably not matter when this game kicks off.


The online football betting crowd has been waiting for this game because everyone wants to see if the new Bills defense can work together and if the Washington Redskins are able to adjust to the game of RG3. Since it is only the first preseason games, there will probably be more questions than answers when it is over. But the fans of both of these teams will be looking for any kind of glimmer that can be considered hope for the upcoming 2012 NFL season.


Buffalo Bills

By all accounts, the new Bills defense is working well together in training camp and the players are getting excited to show the fans what has been going on. The bookies

are reserving judgment on the Bills until they see what the offense is capable of doing. Starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing like an all-star last season until he signed his big contract. As soon as he signed his contract, his game fell apart.


On defense, the Bills have been more than pleased with all of the new acquisitions. The most notable additions are defensive lineman Mario Williams, defensive lineman Mark Anderson and rookie cornerback Stephan Gilmore. The Bills seem confident that something interesting is brewing in Western New York.


Washington Redskins



Everyone in Washington expects RG3 to start winning right away. But fans have to remember that the Redskins have to adjust from having some not so mobile quarterbacks last season to having one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the league this season. The bet online reviews of the Washington offense early in the process will not be favorable. But as the offense gets adjusted, the team will start to come around. 


The Bottom Line


The Washington Redskins will probably seem a lot more disorganized than the Buffalo Bills in this game. Redskins fans are going to need to be patient as head coach Mike Shanahan finds the best ways to adjust the offense around the skill set of RG3.


The thing to watch in the first quarter of this game is the Buffalo offense. If Ryan Fitzpatrick comes out flat to start this game, then it could be a long training camp and regular season for the Buffalo Bills.


Pick: Buffalo Bills


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