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05 Mar 2012 

The sports betting online community always has an eye on the NFL all year long. From the Combine to the Draft, there is always a milestone date to mark on the NFL calendar. Even the hype surrounding 2012 March Madness betting cannot damper the interest people have in football. As the draft approaches, let’s take a look at some of the top teams in the AFC and how these teams will fare in 2012.

New England Patriots

It has been pointed out that ever since the New England Patriots were caught up in “spygate” the team has not won a Super Bowl. While the Patriots remain a top contender in the AFC for 2012, the team faces significant challenges. Star wide receiver Wes Welker’s contract is up and negotiations are stalled between his agent and the team. The Patriots need more than a little help in the defense and it will more than likely be a combination of free agents and draft picks that will try to solve the problems. Head coach Bill Belichick has pulled off miracles in the past, but can he do it again with a deteriorating team?

Houston Texans

Many price per head sports experts felt that the Texans were a quarterback and linebacker away from competing for the Super Bowl last season. Luckily for the Texans, that quarterback and linebacker it needs is already on the roster. If the Texans can avoid major injuries to key players in 2012, then this team is ready to rise to the top of the AFC standings and make some noise in the AFC playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals

Two years ago, Cincinnati football fans were more interested in reading an NHL trade deadline blog than following
the exploits of the football team. But the Bengals redeemed itself with some young players that were able to come into the organization and shake the stigma that had been hanging over Paul Brown Stadium. In the first year for such rookies as quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green, the Bengals made the playoffs. As long as Cincinnati can keep that defense together, then the experience the offense picked up in the playoffs will make the Bengals a contender in 2012.

Baltimore Ravens

A review of the Ravens’ season in 2011 shows a team that was better than most
AFC teams and showed a team that was good enough to make it all the way to the nAFC title game. It just looked like the Ravens were out-coached in the AFC Championship game and that the Patriots were able to keep their calm in tough situations. The Ravens had a timeout remaining when it ran its field goal team out on the field to attempt the game-tying field goal with time running out. Why not call a timeout at that point and give your team, and your kicker, a chance to gather itself? There were several instances where the Ravens panicked and the Patriots did not. The Ravens is the kind of team that learns from past experiences. With linebacker Ray Lewis returning for the 2012 season, the Ravens will look to put what it learned to work in the 2012 season.

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27 Feb 2012 

The sports betting sites are getting inundated with information about the upcoming 2012 NFL draft. Some
teams need to make major improvements if they want to compete for a playoff spot in 2012. Other teams just seem to be destined to fall when the 2012 season kicks off. While a large portion of the sports world is looking over March Madness spreads, NFL fans are starting to look at which teams are contenders in 2012 and which ones are pretenders.

New York Jets

No team is in more turmoil at this point than the New York Jets. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes continues to act like a locker room cance while the team still tries to find ways to sign him and keep him on the roster. Many of the players have lost faith in quarterback Mark Sanchez and some players started to express concerns for the 2012 season. All of that is well-founded as the New York Jets will give Mark Sanchez one more season to
prove he is an NFL quarterback and it will be a season that Jets’ fans will want to forget.

Tennessee Titans

The bookie software did not have the Titans making the 2011 playoffs in preseason predictions, but
the Titans managed to pull together a good season and fell just short of a playoff berth. However, it looks like decisions will be made that will cause the Titans to take a step or two back before moving forward. Firing head coach
Jeff Fisher was not the answer to the Titans’ issues. What the Titans need is less involvement in on-field issues from the ownership. Tennessee gives every indication that it will give the starting quarterback job to Jake Locker, which will take some adjusting for the players and the coaches.

Chicago Bears

A review of the Bears’ roster shows that Chicago has not made any significant change as of yet. If Chicago plans on entering the 2012 season with the same head coach and same quarterback that it used in 2011, then there will be some major steps backwards in Chicago that should result in a major shakeup in the coaching staff and the roster. But the financially-conscious Bears may be hesitant to do anything that will cost it money at this point.


Atlanta Falcons

The NHL trade deadline 2012 is generating a lot of headlines with the various moves the teams are making. The Atlanta Falcons are not making any headlines with changes that the team desperately needs to make. The Falcons have been trying to ride an inadequate defense for some time now and the problems in giving up fourth
quarter leads started to show themselves in 2011. The Falcons needed to make some significant moves to improve its defense if it wants to compete in 2012. In the absence of any major changes to the way that Atlanta plays defense, the Falcons could be looking at struggling to go 8-8 in 2012.

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20 Feb 2012 

NCAA basketball betting is not on the minds of football fans right now, so you will not find many Baltimore Ravens fans overly concerned with March Madness betting. What you will find NFL fans concerned with between now and
March 6th is what players will be labeled with franchise tags by their respective teams. There is speculation that some of the key free agents will be taken off the market by the franchise tag. But there is also the chance
that the teams are willing to take their chances and let some players hit the
open market.

Wes Welker – WR – New England Patriots

Head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady won Super Bowls before Wes Welker showed up in New England, and they will probably be able to win Super Bowls when he is gone. Welker is an important piece of the Patriots’ offensive puzzle, but the Patriots have a reputation for worrying about its offensive system and not its offensive players. If the Patriots franchise tag Welker, it will have to pay the wide
receiver $14 million in 2012. The price per head sportsbook experts are expecting the Patriots to already have the
next Wes Welker waiting in the wings and would be more than happy to let the current Wes Welker try out the free agent market to get his big payday.

Stevie Johnson – WR – Buffalo Bills

Stevie Johnson is the only player on the Bills that even approaches the level of a franchise player. But the franchise tag could net the wide receiver way more than the Bills may feel he is worth. Johnson may want to
be careful with his next move because his on-field immaturity and his inability to make key catches have diminished his value on the open market. The Bills will probably not franchise Johnson. But a 5 dimes review of Johnson’s potential lack of suitors on the free agent market would make it a smart move for him to sign with the Bills and improve his reputation.

Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is not leaving the Saints. New Orleans will use the franchise tag to make certain of that. It does not matter what the franchise tag costs the Saints, it will pay the price to keep its franchise quarterback. However, keeping Brees will mean that one of the top offensive linemen, or even a top receiver like Marques Colston, cannot stay. Regardless of what the Saints do, the offense in New Orleans is changing.

Ray Rice – RB – Baltimore Ravens

The biggest bet online scam for Ravens’ fans is that the Ray Rice situation even has to come to a franchise tag ending. Ray Rice should have been already locked-up in a long-term deal, but it has not been done yet. Ray Rice is the Baltimore offense and Ravens’ fans can rest assured that Rice is not going anywhere. But the delay by
the team to try and get a deal done prior to the end of this season will cost the Ravens more money and that could cost the Ravens some key players. 

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13 Feb 2012 

The online sportsbook websites are talking at length about the prospects for this upcoming NFL draft. Last season, the talk was about quarterback Cam Newton and whether or not his play would translate to the NFL. After dominating the NFL in his rookie season, Newton has paved the way for an interesting class of quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL
draft. A lot of teams need a good signal caller and they will be lined up to compare the quarterbacks that the price per head bookie experts consider to be the top picks.

Andrew Luck – Stanford

Andrew Luck all but has “Property of Indianapolis Colts” tattooed on his forehead. Colts’ owner Jim Irsay has made it very clear that Luck is going to be a Colt and the quarterback that replaces future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. While some bettors are worrying about March Madness odds, football fans know that the odds on Luck going to the Colts are 1 in 1. The only question that remains is if Luck will sit behind Peyton
Manning or be the starter as a rookie.

Robert Griffin III – Baylor

It looked like the draft press coverage was going to be reserved for Andrew Luck until Robert Griffin III declared he will enter the draft. Most teams look at RG3 as the next Cam Newton. Griffin is smart, fast, extremely athletic
and has a cannon for an arm. The wagerweb reviews of the first three teams to pick in the draft show that RG3 will
more than likely go to Cleveland. Andrew Luck is destined for Indianapolis and the St. Louis Rams are nowhere near ready to give up on Sam Bradford. The Browns have been looking for someone to take over as the starting quarterback and Colt McCoy has not impressed to this point.

 Ryan Tannehill – Texas A&M

Lost in all of the Luck and RG3 hoopla is Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M. He is a big quarterback at 6’ 4” and 222 pounds with a rifle arm. He can move around in the pocket and he makes good decisions. It is a kind
of bet online scam that Tannehill is not getting a lot of press. But with Luck and
Griffin probably not headed for the combine, Tannehill can improve his stock with a good showing at this year’s gathering of NFL owners and general managers.

Brandon Weeden – Oklahoma State

The thing that people keep talking about with Brandon Weeden is his age. By the time many quarterbacks are 28 years old, they have started to develop into the peak of their NFL careers. Weeden would be starting at the
very beginning at that advanced age and that has many NFL scouts doubting whether Weeden is worth the investment. But a team that needs a strong arm and a strong leader at quarterback may be willing to take a chance on Weeden. It is doubtful that Weeden would be a first year starter, which is another reason why
many NFL teams will be shying away from him in the draft.

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06 Feb 2012 

NHL Betonline News: A Quick Look At Some Key Games In The East

It has been a season of inconsistencies for the Montreal Canadiens, but after a 3-0 win over the Winnipeg Jets they have to be realizing the time is now. The Jets are one of the teams that Montreal is chasing from the Eastern conference basement, and games against the Pittsburgh Penguins Tuesday and New York Islanders Thursday are of the must-win variety as the Canadiens continue to talk about their chances at closing the gap. Meanwhile,
at the other end of the spectrum in the Eastern conference the New York Rangers can take advantage of consecutive home games to build some cushion in first place, as they welcome the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday and Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. The Toronto Maple Leafs are fighting to get back in to the
postseason for the first time since before the lockout, and they have a busy week. After playing the Detroit Red Wings on Monday, the Maple Leafs travel to Winnipeg Tuesday, and then to face the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday.

 NBA Betting News: Post Super Bowl Schedule Amps Things Up


A quiet Super Bowl Sunday will serve as the calm before the storm in the NBA, as things really begin to heat up this week on the hard court. There are 16 games scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, but the real
intrigue begins on Wednesday with Lebron James and the Miami Heat taking on Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Howard’s name continues to be mentioned in trade rumors around the association, but for now he and the Magic continue to keep their focus on tracking down top spot in the East, just three games back
of the Heat in the Southeast division. Thursday will feature another marquee matchup as the Los Angeles Lakers travel to the east coast to take on the Boston Celtics in a rematch of two of the previous three NBA Championship
series’, one night before the purple and gold head to New York City to take on the Knicks on Friday.

College Basketball Betting News: Top Teams Face Tough Competition

The top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats prepare for their toughest test at No. 1 on Tuesday night, hosting the No. 11 Florida Gators. The Gators are one of just two teams in the SEC ranked in the top-25, and the Wildcats will need to bring their best to extend their perfect record to 10 wins in conference play. Meanwhile, the No. 2 Syracuse Orange will look to remain on Kentucky’s heels for the No. 1 spot in the nation, with a tough matchup of their own against the No. 14 Georgetown Hoyas on Wednesday.

Golf Pay Head News: Celebrities Come Out For National Pro-Am Tourney

After Kyle Stanley captured the Waste Management Phoenix Open by just one stroke over the weekend, the focus now shifts to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Thursday, as some of the best in the world teamup with top celebrity golfers for the annual event. It was the legendary comedian Bob Murray and DA Points that took the tournament last year, with a$6.4 million purse up for grabs in California for this year’s event.

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