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09 Apr 2012 

The Denver Broncos lost its starting quarterback in the off-season and all of the betting sites
agree that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to Denver. The departure of
Tim Tebow from Denver and the arrival of Peyton Manning to the Broncos completely changes the online sportsbook landscape in the AFC West. A division that used to be up for grabs is now looking to be dominated
by the Broncos. However, it is important to note that every team in the AFC West will be much better in 2012, and that will make the entire division extremely fun to watch.

Denver Broncos

Yes Virginia, there is a Manning in Denver. Most of the observant sports fans know that the Denver Broncos won all of those games last year despite the play of Tim Tebow and not because of the play of
Tim Tebow. The pay head sports experts know that Tebow had to have great fourth quarter and overtime comebacks because he accomplished nothing during the first three quarters of the game. That means
that the rest of the Denver Broncos’ team is extremely solid. The Broncos dominate on defense and play some of the best special teams in the league. When you add in a healthy Peyton Manning to that mix, you get the best team in the AFC West and possibly the entire AFC.

Predicted Finish: First

Kansas City Chiefs

The hardest thing to do when predicting the AFC West for 2012 is choosing the team that will finish second to the Broncos. Sportsbook reviews of the other AFC West teams show that every team should be improved for 2012.
But the Kansas City Chiefs will be the team that will be closest to the Broncos when the season ends. The entire team seemed relieved to have new head coach Romeo Crenel in place and the bashing of former head coach Todd Haley is still coming out of the Kansas City locker room. A unified Chiefs’ team, with new running back Peyton Hillis and a healthy quarterback Matt Cassel, will be a force in the AFC West.

Predicted Finish: Second


Oakland Raiders

When you think about it, the Oakland Raiders were a healthy quarterback and healthy running back away from being a playoff team. When running back Darren McFadden went down with injury, it seemed like the Raiders’
season was over. New general manager Reggie McKenzie is making good moves in Oakland and building a
competitive team. He is creating depth and intends to use the draft to fill in starter positions for the 2012 season. The Raiders are finally in the hands of a capable general manager who can turn this team completely around.

Predicted Finish: Third


San Diego Chargers

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Even the writers for the hockey news know that head coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers have not won anything of substance together in San Diego. But yet that is the tandem that the fans in San Diego will be getting, and the results will be pretty much the same as they have been in the past.

Predicted Finish: Fourth

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02 Apr 2012 

This is the time of the year when it is fun to be an online sportsbooks bettor. The NFL draft is approaching and most of the major free agent signings in the NFL have already happened. Now is the time when the predictions take place and  where the bettors start putting their projected finishes on paper even before
the rookies are in place. If you bet on MLB, then you know how much fun speculating can be. In the NFL, it can be just as interesting.


The AFC North has seen some changes lately, but things have been pretty consistent for the last few years. In 2012, that could all change as a new team could rise to the top of the division.


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens look like it will be able to bring the same team back in 2012 that it had in 2011. Baltimore
was a called timeout away from going to the AFC Championship game. As his field goal team was scrambling to get in position with time running out, head coach John Harbaugh did not use his last timeout to give his kicking team time to get settled in. The result was a missed field goal and a missed opportunity. With running back Ray Rice coming back in 2012, the price per head sportsbook experts see great things for the Ravens in 2012.

Projected Finish: First

Cincinnati Bengals

People seem to forget that the Bengals had the ninth best defense in the league last season and a very young offense that was able to make the playoffs. This is an extremely talented team with a persistent head
coach in Marvin Lewis. The best thing that could have ever happened to the Bengals is allowing Carson Palmer, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco to leave. Now this team is a playoff contender and, with another year under its belt, this will be a team to contend with during the regular season.

Projected Finish: Second


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers defense is talented but it is getting old. A review of the Steelers’ offseason moves shows that it cut linebacker James Farrior, defensive end Aaron Smith and cornerback Bryant McFadden. On offense,
the Steelers cut wide receiver Hines Ward who eventually retired. Aside from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Mike Wallace, the Steelers have no identity on offense. Running back Rashard Mendenhall will play again in 2012, but the Steelers need more punch to its running game if it is going to
compete for a playoff spot in 2012.

Projected Finish: Third

Cleveland Browns

Even the basketball news in Cleveland is starting to report that the Browns have no confidence in quarterback Colt
McCoy. None of the free agent quarterbacks were interested in signing with Cleveland and the Browns
are not going to be able to get Robert Griffin III in the draft. That means that the Browns will draft quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round and pretend like it is the answer to the team’s problems. The Cleveland
running game went to Kansas City when running back Peyton Hillis signed with the Chiefs. There does not appear
to be a lot of building going on in Cleveland.

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26 Mar 2012 

The sports betting online experts watched the Peyton Manning adventure with great interest.
Most people figured that the Washington Redskins were not happy with its starting quarterback situation, so trading up to get Robert Griffin III seemed logical. But what about the teams that did not get Peyton Manning and will not
get Andrew Luck or RG3 in the draft? As the NCAA basketball betting moves forward, there are some teams with unstable quarterback situations that could wind up paying for their indiscretions when the season


San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers said that Alex Smith was “their guy” after the NFC Championship game. But when San
Francisco put a three-year, $24 million deal on the table; Smith balked and did not sign. When the 49ers went after Peyton Manning, Smith suddenly became hurt and angry. The price per head sports experts can only speculate what went on behind closed doors between the 49ers and Alex Smith. But the trip to see Peyton Manning wound up costing the 49ers $9 million more dollars as Smith did sign a deal that was three-years and $33
million. The quarterback and coach have time to work out the hard feelings, but it could be interesting to see what happens if Smith stumbles in the first few games of 2012.

Cleveland Browns

Let’s face the facts. The Cleveland Browns do not want to start 2012 with Colt McCoy as its quarterback. Now that Peyton Hillis has taken the Cleveland running game to Kansas City by signing with the Chiefs, there
is nothing to compensate for McCoy’s short-comings. The sportsbook reviews
of McCoy’s time in Cleveland shows that the Browns were never sold on Colt as the starter. Now that Cleveland is not going to be able to trade up to get RG3, it will be interesting to see what happens at the quarterback position in Cleveland.


Arizona Cardinals

Kevin Kolb was one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. He could not stay healthy and when he was healthy, he could not play quarterback. When Peyton Manning said no to the Cardinals, that left Arizona with no choice but to embrace Kolb and pay him the roster bonus of $7 million that he had coming to him. The
Cardinals may be done looking for a quarterback for now, but Arizona is not sold on Kevin Kolb as the
future of the franchise.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans’ owner Bud Adams has never been concerned with hurting the feelings of his players or coaches. That is why everyone from football writers to soccer blog enthusiasts were not surprised when Adams
aggressively pursued Peyton Manning. The fallout from the Manning decision is
not going to affect second-year quarterback Jake Locker very much because he was expecting to sit on the bench behind Matt Hasselbeck at least two more years before taking over as the starter. Hasselbeck is a pro that will handle the situation with class, but it is something that will burn in Hasselbeck’s
craw for a very long time.

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19 Mar 2012 

As all sport betting enthusiasts know, quarterback is the most important position in the NFL. Some would contend that quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. In the NFL this offseason, there has been an extra bright spotlight on free agent quarterbacks thanks to the saga of Peyton Manning. Any team would
love to have Manning, but his process has caused a few teams to already make decisions about who will be their signal caller. In other cases, the Manning hunt has cause some quarterbacks to make decisions that they may regret in the future.

Alex Smith

Long before anyone was betting March Madness games and months before the 2012 NBA trade deadline, the San
Francisco 49ers made good on its promise to make Alex Smith “the guy” at quarterback. The 49ers extended a three-year, $24 million contract and then waited. Smith did not respond immediately, which is odd considering that Smith was afraid that his days in San Francisco were over before Jim Harbaugh took over as
head coach. The 49ers waited as long as they could and then decided to enter the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. For some reason, Smith was angered and flew out to Miami to talk to the Dolphins. Regardless as to what happens in San Francisco, Alex Smith took what should have been a good situation for him and turned it inside out. Whether he backs up Peyton Manning or starts in Miami, Smith will have to live with his own indecision that cost him the starting job with a possible Super Bowl team.


Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn was flown to Miami immediately after Peyton Manning announced that he was not interested in becoming a Dolphin. But Flynn had already scheduled a visit with the Seattle Seahawks, so he went to Seattle first. After
talking with the Seahawks and Dolphins, Flynn took the less glamorous job in Seattle. The price per head sportsbook experts are starting to wonder if Miami’s move of trading wide receiver Brandon
Marshall to the Bears right before interviewing prospective quarterbacks was a well-designed play or not.


Kevin Kolb

Lost in the “Manning Mania” is the fact that the Arizona Cardinals were one of the first teams to pursue Peyton Manning and one of the first teams that Manning spurned. Arizona
then turned to current starting quarterback Kevin Kolb and paid Kolb his $7 million roster bonus to keep him on the team. A 5 dimes review of Kolb’s first attempt at being the Arizona starter is not an impressive
journey. When Kolb did play, he was ineffective. But, for most of the season, Kolb was injured. The Cardinals are hoping for better results in 2012.

Jake Locker

The Tennessee Titans were strong contestants in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. While it would probably not affect the team’s future very much if it released Matt Hasselbeck to bring in Manning, it would affect
second-year quarterback Jake Locker. Will Locker want to sit behind Manning for three or four years and learn the game from one of the best ever? After getting a taste of what it means to be a starter, it is unlikely that Locker is going to want to sit as the prime of his career approaches.

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12 Mar 2012 

The online sportsbook experts always like to wait until the NFL draft before making any solid picks on who could win it all in the NFL. In 2012, many were waiting to see what moves would be made prior to the draft to determine what would happen and the moves were significant. As the March Madness spreads get announced and the 2012 NBA trade deadline approaches, it looks like the top two NFL draft picks have been decided.


Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning was officially released by the Indianapolis Colts on the day before the Colts would have had to pay Manning a $28 million roster bonus. Manning said it had nothing to do with the money, which could be
true. But when Colts’ owner Jim Irsay says it is not about the money, he is probably exaggerating a little. Lost in the hoopla of Manning’s release was the fact that quarterback Curtis Painter, running back Joseph Addai, tight end
Dallas Clark and linebacker Gary Brackett were cut. It has also been said that premier pass rusher Dwight Freeney, wide receiver Reggie Wayne and center Jeff Saturday could also be leaving either in trades or cuts. The Colts are
completely starting over, just as it did when Peyton Manning first came to town.

The fans may not like the moves the team made, but the price per head bookie experts can understand why the Colts stripped the team down. When Jim Irsay starts over, he really starts over. Releasing Peyton Manning is the end of an era and it almost makes sense that the other players that made up that era should be cleared out as well. This definitely opens the door for the drafting of quarterback Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in the draft. The fans in Indianapolis may be angry now, but they need to realize that the Colts are trying to build
another winning team from the ground up.

Washington Redskins

Even when the Redskins do something right, they tend to screw it up. A review of the trade between the St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins shows that the Rams got the Redskins’ first round picks for the next three years plus a second round pick this year. In exchange, the Rams gave up the
second overall pick in this draft. While that sets up the Redskins to draft future franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III, it severely limits the Redskins’ ability to put good, young players around RG3 and build a strong
offense for the future.


The Redskins still have a weak offensive line and absolutely no running game to speak of. Head coach Mike Shanahan used to be a genius at crafting a running game with a committee of players, but injuries depleted the
players that Shanahan had to choose from. Now the Redskins have no draft picks to grab a good, young running back in the second round. The Rams will move down to sixth in this draft and still be able to get wide receiver Justin Blackmon. But who will RG3 throw to in Washington? Hopefully the Redskins have a great free agency plan because it just traded its draft strategy away for the next three years.

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