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25 Jun 2012 

There were a lot of people who were disappointed to see Peyton Manning go to the Denver Broncos. But few were more disappointed that Carson Palmer. The online sportsbook experts were unsure how well Palmer would do as the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders and Palmer did struggle early on. But most people recognized that Palmer was thrown into a game after only being in Oakland for four days. His chances of success were extremely limited. When Manning went to Denver, Palmer's headlines were taken away and replace by Peyton Manning headlines.


The Raiders made more news when it took controversial quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft. Pryor has already made his intentions on being the starting quarterback in Oakland known. The online football betting
world is not sure who will be the starting quarterback in Oakland, but everyone agrees that things will certainly not be boring with the Raiders. Even after legendary team owner Al Davis had passed away, the Raiders are still making bizarre personnel moves.


When you look at the AFC West, it can be easy to dismiss the division as chaotic and weak. But there have been a lot of changes in the off-season that will make the AFC West competitive. It is possible that the AFC West could produce one of the AFC's wild card teams as well.


The team getting the most attention is the Broncos. But this team is more than just the new quarterback Peyton Manning. While former quarterback Tim Tebow was getting all of the accolades for the Broncos' success
last year, the Denver defense and special teams units were putting in huge performances. The pay per head service experts watch as the Denver defense held the team in the game while Tebow was throwing passes to wide open
receivers into the turf. Place kicker Matt Prater was making 57-yard field goals to tie games when Tebow couldn't move the ball. The Broncos are going to be dangerous with a real quarterback under center.

The Kansas City Chiefs seem poised to make vast improvements under new head coach Romeo Crennel. When Crennel took over as interim head coach last season, the team instantly improved. The Chiefs still have adangerous running game and expect to have running back Jamaal Charles healthy and ready to go. Do not be surprised to see the Chiefs challenging for the AFC West title in 2012.


A sportsbook review of the Raiders' situation shows a team that is really hard to read right now. The Raiders will have a punishing running game and an effective defense. But without knowing who is going to play quarterback, the fate of the Raiders remains up in the air. Palmer and Pryor are very different quarterbacks and the
Raiders need to make a decision soon to start building the proper offense.

The San Diego Chargers are a shell of what it used to be. The team clings to the duo of head coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers in the hopes that some kind of magic will develop. If there hasn't been magic by now, then there will not be any magic in 2012.

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18 Jun 2012 

If you bet on sports, then you know how difficult it is for a team to maintain a winning tradition. NFL franchises such as the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers have defied the odds by continuously fielding competitive and even championship teams on a regular basis.


As the 2012 NFL season gets ready to start, there are several young teams that look to start challenging the more established teams for supremacy in the league. The betting online fans in cities all around the NFL are excited to get the season started to see how their young teams will fare against the teams that have been winning for years and years.


Detroit Lions

 If any young team is poised to make a move towards being a Super Bowl contender in 2012, it is the Detroit Lions. After years of frustration and embarrassment, the Lions have put together a team that is able to compete with the best teams in the league. Even the sportsbook software is starting to agree that the Lions could be the team to beat in an NFC North division that includes the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. The Lions have never been known as an intimidating team. But with players such as quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson, the Lions are ready to put the fear into the rest of the NFC.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Bucs showed a lot of promise three years ago when Josh Freeman took over at quarterback. Two years ago, most NFL experts fully expected to see the Bucs in the playoffs, and the team almost made it. But last
years was a crushing year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the team finished 4-12 and at the very bottom of the NFC South.


Instead of getting down, the Bucs started to make changes that built a more competitive team around Freeman. Tampa brought in wide receiver Vincent Jackson and made a host of other important defensive and offensive changes. The mood is suddenly bright in Tampa Bay and the team enters the 2012 season with confidence.


Houston Texans

 Despite losing linebacker Mario Williams to the Buffalo Bills in free agency, the bet online reviews for the Houston Texans in 2012 are still very promising. Williams missed the majority of the season last year with an injury and the Houston defense was still one of the top units in the league. The Houston offense is explosive but was destroyed by injuries last season. If quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Johnson can stay healthy this season, thenthe Houston Texans could be on its way to competing for a spot in this year's Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals

 No one, including the Cincinnati Bengals, quite knows what the Bengals are capable of just yet. The team experienced some change in the offseason, but the core of the team is intact. This is a very good defense with a young and developing offense. Look for the Bengals to be competitive in 2012 and take another step towards becoming a legitimate contender.

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11 Jun 2012 

The sports betting sites
were so interested in the headlines created by the NFL draft that they forgot
to talk about the pending NFL referee's strike. This is not the first time that
the referees have threatened to strike in the NFL. The league had to use
replacement referees in the first two weeks of the 2001 season because contract
negotiations had broken down over the summer.


Many of the best
online sportsbook experts are projecting that there will not be a referee's
strike. But the fact remains that there is no new contract for referees right
now and negotiations are, once again, stalling. How much impact will a
referee's strike have on the games that are played in the NFL? Betting
enthusiasts can sometimes forget how important experienced officials are to the
outcome of NFL contests.


Game Flow

Referees with little or no NFL experience will have to
adjust to the changes when making the transition from college to the pros.
There are several important rule differences and the NFL has been instituting
significant rule changes for the past several seasons. Replacement referees
would have to stop the flow of the game to get together and make sure that a
call is made properly. A team that has gained momentum in a game will suffer if
the officials have to repeatedly stop a game to discuss even minor calls.


Game Speed

The pro football game is much faster than the college
football game. One of the biggest impacts referees have on games for the price per head sports
experts is when referees miss a call or make an incorrect call because of the
speed of the game. It will take college referees weeks to adjust to the change
in speed and, in that time, important calls will be missed or bad calls will be
made that could affect a team's season.



One of the potentially positive things about replacement
referees is that there is no biased with or against a team based on the rapport
that the referees have with players and coaches. Replacement referees will be
focused on calling the games and would not have the familiarity with the
players and coaches that experienced NFL referees would have. This can be a
positive thing because it can allow the referees to be more objective. It could
be a negative thing because replacement referees would not know which players
to keep an eye on during the course of a game.



A sportsbook
review of the games called in 2001 by replacement referees showed
significant errors even on some of the most basic calls. If the NFL referee's
strike lasts until the playoffs, then that could affect the outcome of some of
the most critical games of the season.


The NFL referee's association has said that it has no plans
to strike. But if the experienced referees do not take the field for the 2012
season, then that could cause things in the NFL to look very different for fans
and players.

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28 May 2012 

The sports betting sites are already putting up odds for the 2012 NFL season and there are some familiar
names at the top of the list. One of the balancing acts that NFL franchises have to do is determining when it is time for a veteran to hang up his cleats and move on to something else. In many cases, the veterans do not see eye to
eye with the team on when it is time to move on. Brett Favre played four years after he left the Packers at a time when Green Bay was ready to move on to Aaron Rodgers. The Indianapolis Colts decided it was time to ring in the Andrew Luck era, but Peyton Manning decided that he is not done playing just yet.

The sports betting online  experts always take a team's mixture of experience and youth  into account when putting down the odds on that particular team. There are a lot of veterans returning to their teams for the 2012 season. But there are a select few that are ready to make a huge impact on their teams' championship chances.

Ray Lewis / Ed Reed – Baltimore Ravens

The sports pay per head experts know that any great defense is anchored by a charismatic leader. Lewis
is entering his 17th season as the heart and soul of the Baltimore defense and Ed Reed is entering his 11th season as Lewis' able sidekick. Reed has established himself as one of the premier defensive backs in NFL history and
Lewis has established himself as one of the premier linebackers the league has ever seen. They may be older, but this tandem is still going to bring the pain when the 2012 season opens.


Randy Moss – San Francisco 49ers

Randy Moss is extremely lucky that the NFL is the place where players get the chance to learn the same lessons over and over again. Moss wore out his welcome in Minnesota, completely underwhelmed the fans in Oakland and shot his mouth off in New England. When you shoot your mouth off in New England, your next move is on the first train out of Foxboro. Moss started to see the light in Tennessee, but he still let ego get in the way of his incredible talent.


Moss is entering his 14th season and he looks to be in just as good of shape as he was when he was a rookie. A sportsbook review of Moss' attitude shows that he has done some growing up over the summer. The 49ers were one good wide receiver away from a Super Bowl berth last season, and Moss knows that he can be that wide receiver if he just shuts his mouth and plays football.


Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning cannot really blame the Indianapolis Colts for the way things went down on the off-season. Manning's neck will always be a question mark and a quarterback like Andrew Luck only comes along once every 10
years or so. Even the soccer blog writers were following the travels of Manning as he looked for a new team that
he could use to prove the Colts wrong. If Peyton Manning truly is as healthy as the Broncos and he says that he is, then this could wind up being one of the best free agent signings in the history of the NFL. If Manning gets hurt in week one and can never play again, then it could be a long season in Denver.

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21 May 2012 

The online sportsbooks have a fairly good grasp on the NFC at this point of the early part of NFL
training camp. The San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers and New York Giants all look to be the top teams again in the NFC. But the AFC is much more wide open and requires a closer look. The online sports betting sites
are not so sure that there is one dominant team in the AFC because so many teams are showing promise for the coming season. It could be a fun free-for-all to watch as the AFC teams continue to try and out-duel each other for the right to play in the Super Bowl.


Denver Broncos

Did the Denver Broncos really become a Super Bowl contender when it added Peyton Manning? One of the strengths of Peyton Manning is being able to turn young wide receivers into superstars. The price per head sports
experts are impressed with the young wide receivers that the Broncos have, but it is the lack of a consistent running game that could be a problem in Denver. The Denver defense and special teams are solid and the fans can expect great things from the Broncos. But without a running game, the Broncos could come up just short of its goals.


New England Patriots

The Patriots continue to try and fill in defensive holes with draft picks. During the off-season, the Patriots lost defensive end Mark Anderson to the Buffalo Bills and that created a hole in the pass rushing department. The Patriots will be competitive in 2012, as it always is. But without a strong defense, New England will
have problems winning the Super Bowl.


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have been consistently improving over the past few years and came within a field goal of making it to the Super Bowl last season. The betonline experts have taken note that the same team that played in the AFC Championship game last season will be returning for the 2012 season. Joe Flacco is an underrated quarterback that has grown in confidence despite being called out by his teammates and coaches in the 2011 playoffs. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and other veteran players are not going to be playing much longer. If the Ravens are going to make the push to a championship, then it would have to be this season.


Houston Texans

Many of the fans in Houston panicked when defensive superstar Mario Williams signed with the Buffalo Bills.
But even the MLB blog writers in Houston know that Williams missed most of the season in 2011 and the Texans' defense was still dominating. It was the injury to quarterback Matt Schaub that sealed the fate of the Texans in the playoffs. With a healthy Schaub and a defense that will have an entire training camp to compensate for the permanent loss of Williams, the Texans should be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC if it can stay


AFC Outlook

Look for the Ravens to make up for the mistakes it made in last year's playoffs and be the AFC representative in Super Bowl XLVII.

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