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30 Jul 2012 

The Minnesota Vikings have made the decision to build the team around quarterback Christian Ponder. The problem is that the legal online sports betting sites are not so sure that Ponder is the right quarterback to build around. In 10 starts in 2011, Ponder threw for 1,853 yards, 13 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. In a 16-game season, those numbers project to be around 2,960 yards passing, 21 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. Those numbers do not exactly instill confidence into the Vikings faithful.


Minnesota drafted offensive tackle Matt Kalil to try and give Ponder more protection upfront. But the best news Christian Ponder could have received in this offseason was that running back Adrian Peterson defied all medical logic and recovered from a torn ACL in only a few months. The Vikings are hoping that the rest of the team finds that kind of luck and resolve in 2012.



The football betting sites know that the Vikings are going to have to rely on Peterson a lot in the 2012 season because Ponder is still learning how to be an NFL quarterback. The question is whether or not Peterson's repaired ACL will really hold out for an entire season. No one has ever seen a player come back from
this kind of an injury so quickly, and there is no blue print to follow. With a lack of quality receivers to throw to, Ponder will have to hand the ball off frequently to Peterson to generate any offense.


The online sports books also have questions about the Minnesota offensive line. It is a good run blocking line, but it is easy to run block for a back like Adrian Peterson. One of the reasons Christian Ponder struggled in 2011 was because he had little time to throw the ball. Kalil is part of the solution to that problem, but he is not the entire solution. If the Vikings cannot protect Ponder, then the passing game will suffer.


After years of trying to get its defense to play up to expectations, it looks like the Vikings are ready to start over and bring in new players. The Vikings took four offensive players in the draft, five defensive players and a kicker. The problem is that the defensive players came from the later rounds. Minnesota has a serious age problem on its current defense. It either needs to bring in players through free agency to bolster the roster, or bring in quality draft
picks. The bet online experts are not so sure that the Vikings brought in quality draft picks to help its defense for 2012.




The Vikings will be the worst team in a physical division. The Bears and Packers have upgraded their pass rushes and the Lions will be as lethal as it has always been. It is always difficult to put together a winning team in the NFL. But the Vikings have made that process even more difficult by making bad decisions.

Read more  about the Minnesota Vikings and its personnel issues.

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23 Jul 2012 

If you bet on the NFL, then you already know that some of the teams in the AFC West have made
significant changes to their rosters and their coaching staffs. The Denver Broncos made a huge upgrade at quarterback when it signed free agent Peyton Manning. The Kansas City Chiefs improved its coaching staff, and its overall prospects for winning, when it made Romeo Crennel the permanent head coach. The Chargers are still considered to be one of the top teams in the AFC. So where does that leave the Raiders?

The online football betting  world was not surprised when the Raiders took controversial rookie quarterback Terrelle Pryor in the 2011 supplemental draft. The betting experts were also not surprised when Pryor insisted that he would be the starting Raiders quarterback in 2012. But what the team did do that surprised people is stand by its real starting quarterback Carson Palmer by forcing Pryor to compete with Matt Leinart for the backup job. Now the only question is whether or not Palmer still has what it takes to win football games.


The bookmaker betting software kept the odds low on the Raiders for most of the 2011 season because of the injury to running back Darren McFadden. No matter who is under center, the Raiders need McFadden running the ball to be successful. But McFadden has shown the past couple of seasons that he may not be durable enough to carry the load on a regular basis. This is not something that the Raiders needed to see.


Carson Palmer pouted in Cincinnati until the Raiders decided to give him a shot when Raiders quarterbacks started dropping like flies. The jury is still out on whether or not Palmer can lead a team to a playoff berth. The fact that the Raiders' offense is lacking deep receivers and good tight ends probably does not help Palmer's cause at all.

Defense review  of the Raiders' 2011 defense shows that the loss of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was significant. The Raiders defense was ranked 29th overall in 2011 and 27th against the pass. The Raiders defense not only bent in 2011, it broke on a regular basis. The Raiders have a long list of defensive backs on its roster, but none of them have the ability to play the shutdown corner position like Asomugha did. The Raiders also did not draft any promising defensive prospects that could help the team out in a couple of years. Oakland is basically going into 2012 with the same defense that could not stop anyone in 2011.




The Silver and Black will not be scaring anyone in 2012. Even if Carson Palmer finds his touch again, he really has no one to throw the ball to. If the Oakland offense builds up a lead, the defense will not be able to hold it. The 2012 season will be a long one for the crazed fans of the Raiders.


Read more about the Oakland Raiders and its chances for success in 2012.

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16 Jul 2012 

It is amazing how much potential adversity the New York Jets are willing to ignore just to sell tickets to football games. When head coach Rex Ryan first took the job in New York a couple of years ago, he was rightfully hailed
as a genius by the betting experts. For two straight years, Ryan took a very talented football team with an average
quarterback to the AFC Championship game. But after two disappointing playoff losses and a miserable 2011 campaign, the wheels are officially coming off the New York Jets bandwagon. The football betting sites expect nothing but chaos in 2012.



The Jets still have one of the best offensive lines in all of football, but it seems like that line will go to waste in 2012. With the retirement of running back LaDainian Tomlinson in the off-season, the Jets must now rely solely on Shonn Greene for its running game. The loss of Tomlinson is helping to fuel speculation that backup quarterback Tim Tebow may be pressed into action more often than originally planned as Tebow is fleet of foot and able to push a defense back.


The Jets have created its own quarterback controversy by bringing in Tebow, and it is a controversy that involves two very average quarterbacks. No matter who the Jets put under center, the team is in trouble. To top that off, the bookie service subscribers are still trying to figure out why the team insists on keeping wide receiver, and locker room cancer, Santonio Holmes around. There may not be a lot of wins in New York in 2012, but there will be plenty of headlines.



Once again, Jets' cornerback Darrelle Revis says he will hold out of training camp until the team renegotiates the contract he just signed two years ago when he held out for a new contract. Revis played much of 2011 injured and did not look like the dominating force he has been in the past. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie was victimized regularly by NFL quarterbacks in Revis' absence, but the Jets are going to work to keep that cornerback duo

When Revis is not in the lineup, the lack of depth at the safety position is on display. The Jets have problems containing the opposition passing game because the opposition can just throw away from Revis and move the
ball down the field. Until the Jets fix that problem, Revis Island will continue to be a lonely place.



The 5dimes betting experts can just hear the circus music playing every time there are news cameras in the Jets' locker room. Tebow, Holmes and Revis are just some of the distractions that the Jets will have to deal with during the 2012 season. There is still the unanswered questions as to which player anonymously called out Mark Sanchez at the end of the 2011 season. If you like drama, then you will love the Jets. If you are a Jets fan looking for wins, then you may want to change the channel.

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09 Jul 2012 

As the NFL training camps start to open, the NFL fantasy team owners are starting to put the final touches on their draft pick strategies. The best online sportsbook knows that winning in fantasy football means attending to every
detail and making sure that you have the best possible players in each position. There is not such thing as a throw away position in fantasy football, and that includes the kickers.

The betting online

sites do not usually alter a team's odds if its kicker is out, but a good kicker can do a team a lot of good just when it needs it. Here are some of the top kickers to consider when putting together your fantasy football drafting
plan for the 2012 season.


Matt Prater – Denver Broncos

Will Matt Prater need to come up with 57-yard clutch field goals with Peyton Manning as his quarterback? Probably not, but Prater will certainly get a lot more closer field goal tries with Manning under center. If you want a kicker that is going to enhance your roster, then this is your guy. He showed last year that he can be clutch when the team calls on him and he has already develop a reputation for being reliable.


Rian Lindell – Buffalo Bills

Every year Rian Lindell sits out there as a potential
fantasy pick and every year he winds up getting picked up from waivers. Lindell
is one of the most consistent field goal kickers in NFL history. The Pay Per Head sportsbook experts are quick
to point out that 2011 was an off year for Lindell. But his ability to bounce
back and his penchant for being extremely consistent throughout the season
still makes him a top kicker pick for your NFL fantasy draft.

Sebastian Janikowski – Oakland Raiders

Janikowski has been battling injuries for the past couple of years, but he is still money from 40 yards and closer. If the Raiders cannot move the ball, then it could be a long year for Janikowski. But if Oakland can get Janikowski into scoring position, then he could rack up a lot of points in 2012.


Jason Hanson – Detroit Lions

The ageless one in Detroit made five field goals of 50 yards or longer in 2011. It is a bit easier because he plays in a dome, but none of that really affects your fantasy team. The bet online  experts don't see Hanson slowing down in 2012 and expect him to put up huge numbers with an offense that seems to always be able to get the ballinto scoring position.

 Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots

A player does not get to stay on the New England Patriots without being consistent. Despite having an off year in 2010, Stephen Gostkowski has been on the rise ever since and is a solid pick for your fantasy team. The Patriots are not afraid to kick field goals, and that is what makes Gostkowski a good pick.

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02 Jul 2012 

After everyone got seasick watching Brett Favre's career go up and down, the notion that NFL players do not know when it is time to hang it up became more of a central issue. The thing that the online betting sites keep pointing out is that there always seems to be an NFL franchise willing to give veteran players
a third and fourth chance.

Veteran wide receiver Randy Moss was able to clean up his act enough to get a one-year deal out of the San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was able to convince the Miami Dolphins to sign him. But there are some players out there who just cannot accept the fact that their careers are
probably over at this point. The online football betting experts point out that just because David Garrard was able to get back on to an NFL team does not mean that all NFL veterans that want to play will get the chance.

Brett Favre


It is safe to say that the most storied, and persistent, career in NFL history is finally over. There were some rumblings about Favre possibly joining a couple of teams when the injury bug started to hit the NFL,
but nothing ever became of it. After what seems like a century in the NFL, the
Brett Favre circus has finally called it quits and will go back to the farm in Louisiana to enjoy its

Daunte Culpepper

It has been a while since we have heard from quarterback Daunte Culpepper. But Culpepper himself put the last nail in his NFL career's coffin by telling reporters last week that he is done. The price per head sports
experts did not expect a lot of interest in Culpepper's services anyways, but Culpepper was not going to wait around to see what would happened. The career that could have been great has finally decided to call it quits.

 Donovan McNabb


Quarterback Donovan McNabb tried twice to reinvent himselfand twice he failed miserably. He tried in Washingtona few years ago and then he tried in Minnesotalast season. Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan's decision to cutMcNabb was called into question by fans and Redskins' executives alike. ButShanahan learned that there was a reason why the Philadelphia Eagles did notmind McNabb signing with a division rival. McNabb's playing days should beover, but he insists that he will be a starting quarterback in the NFL in 2012.So far, no team has shown an interest in taking the chance. Unfortunately forMcNabb, it does not look like any team would want him even if its starting quarterback was injured.

 Terrell Owens


Terrell Owens is still physically able to play in the NFL.
He is still a big, strong wide receiver that can contribute to a good NFL offense. But he has done so much damage with his mouth and his attitude that no NFL team wants him. Owens could not even abide by the rules of the arena
football team that he was part owner of. If Owens cannot follow his own rules,
then how does he expect an NFL team to think that he will follow NFL rules?

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